Actual Software and Bachmann Software to Provide E-Mail Printing for the Palm Computing® Platform
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Actual Software's MultiMail Pro 3.1 to bundle Bachmann's Print Manager print engine and driversand the Palm Computing Platform!

Sparta, NJ, January 11, 1999 - Actual Software, the leading provider of mobile e-mail software, and Bachmann Software, developer of the leading printing software for the Palm Computing ™ platform, today announced that Actual's MultiMail Pro 3.1 would include printing support via Bachmann's Print Manager middleware. By bundling Bachmann Print Manager in MultiMail Pro, Actual Software joins a rapidly growing number of independent software vendors, enterprise developers and value-added resellers who have responded their customers' demands for printing support on the Palm Computing platform.

Bachmann Print Manager is marketed by Bachmann Software as the "missing Palm OS printing engine", filling a gap in functionality left by Palm Computing's decision not to provide a built-in printing capability for their handheld devices. For software vendors like Actual Software, Print Manager provides a small-footprint, fully functional engine for printed output, a set of printer drivers enabling support for the world's most popular printers, and a software developers toolkit (SDK) for embedding device and printer-independent printing functionality.

"E-mail is a key application for many mobile computing customers, especially with the explosion in popularity of wireless internet access." said Glenn Bachmann, president of Bachmann Software. "The transient nature of web content, especially e-mail, means that generating a fast printout is one of the few ways of capturing a critical piece of information before it is lost. Bachmann Print Manager enables Actual's customers to generate a highly readable printout that can be easily exchanged with others."

Bachmann's printing products support all Palm OS devices, including Palm Computing's III, IIIx, V, Vx, and VII, as well as the Handspring Visor, IBM Workpad, Symbol SPT devices, Qualcomm pDQ and TRG Pro. Infrared and serial printing compatibility is provided for most mobile computing and enterprise printers, with special drivers provided for Hewlett-Packard and compatibles, Canon, Seiko, Pentax, O'Neil and others.

"We're pleased to be working with Bachmann to enable handheld users to print and exchange their e-mail anywhere, anytime using Bachmann Print Manager," said Mark Lussier, CTO of Actual Software.

About Bachmann Software (

Bachmann Software provides mobile printing software for the Palm Computing platform. Bachmann's PrintBoy product enables end users to print their memos, to do's, e-mail and more directly from their Palm to any printer. Bachmann Print Manager is the leading print engine and developer SDK for Palm devices, and provides a standard interface for enterprise developers, commercial software companies, value-added resellers, and printer manufacturers who wish to support printing on the Palm Computing platform. Thousands of software developers worldwide have chosen Bachmann Print Manager for printing functionality. Bachmann also provides professional software development services for handheld and wireless applications. The team at Bachmann Software has developed many of the leading software products on the market for its clients. Based in Sparta, New Jersey, Bachmann Software can be contact at (973) 729 9427 or by e-mail at

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Actual Software was founded in 1997 to provide software solutions for the PDA market. It has become a leader in the email market for the Palm Computing platform and was the first company to offer and SSL enabled email client and the first to provide IMAP4 capabilities. Wan't to learn more? Call us at (973) 729-9427 for more information on Bachmann's line of printing products for Palm devices, or e-mail us and we can help you get started printing from your Palm! Download a FREE trial version of Print Manager now!

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