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Premium Edition for Palm OS handhelds

Connect to your network and access documents, music, photos, directly from your Palm OS handheld.

Quickly find and work with important files on your handheld and expansion memory card.

Check out the all-new FilePoint version 3.0!

Enable your handheld to connect to your network wirelessly!
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FilePoint 3.0, the most full-featured file manager for Palm OS handhelds now includes native access to Windows networks. Access, copy, share and organize documents, programs and other files, whether they are located on shared network file servers, expansion memory cards or internal memory, all from your Palm OS handheld!

FilePoint 3.0 is the first commercial Palm OS application to use Wi-Fi connectivity to seamlessly integrate your Palm OS handheld with your Windows-based office or home network, allowing you to connect to file servers and other computers running Windows XP, 2000, NT, and even Windows 98. With FilePointís explorer-like views of your handheld and the network, you can access and share your files on the network as easily as you do from your desktop computer or laptop.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximize the use of your handheld's precious internal and expansion card memory
  • Be productive on the road and at home by copying your important files off your network to your handheld, and get work done on the plane, on the train, anywhere!
  • Stay organized by keeping your documents and programs at your beck and call, in easy to find folders.
  • Find and open Word, Excel, Databases, MP3, and other files in a snap
  • Exchange important files with other desktop computer and handheld users over the network
What People Are Saying About FilePoint

"***** Five Stars!"

"It's clear you should take a close look at FilePoint" - Field Force Automation

"FilePoint Pro is a killer app" - S. Almas

Key Features
  • Copy files between shared network drives, RAM or expansion memory
  • Native Windows SMB support for Windows 2000, XP, NT and Win 98
  • Drive letter mappings for quick access to familiar network folders
  • Standard Windows authentication and file permissions
  • Explore physical folder hierarchy on expansion cards
  • Automatically recognizes and organizes documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint, music, pictures, and databases
  • Organize your files on your handheld in familiar folders
  • Quick access to Open, Print, Beam, Delete, Move to RAM/Card via toolbar
  • Move files to and from expansion card with click of mouse/tap of stylus
  • Broad compatibility with expansion card formats including SD, MMC, Compact Flash, and Memory Stick
  • Upgradeable to FilePoint Pro, with support for FilePoint Desktop integration with your PC or laptop computer
  • Integrates with Documents To Go and other popular software applications via standard "Send" menu
  • Print your files directly from FilePoint with PrintBoy integration (PrintBoy must be purchased separately)

Networking Support:

  • Works with network servers running Windows NT, 2000, 2003, and workgroup computers running Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP and Me
  • Compatible with Linux and Macintosh networks (servers must be running the Samba service)
  • Connects over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other standard TCPIP network connection from your handheld
  • Requires no additional software to be installed on your network!
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Handheld and Expansion Card Support:

  • Supports all Palm OS compatible devices from PalmOne, Sony, Alphasmart, Garmin, and others, including the latest Palm OS 5 handhelds
  • Works with all standard SD, MMC, Memory Stick and Compact Flash expansion memory cards
  • Supports devices with multiple expansion card slots
  • Supports the latest high resolution color displays
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