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Desktop Edition for Windows

Seamless File Management for your PDA, Expansion Card & Windows Desktop

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FilePoint FilePoint Desktop Edition allows you to launch, access, organize, copy and move files and folders. FilePoint Desktop Edition provides seamless file management for important files on your handheld and memory expansion card, all from the convenience of your PC desktop! Easily manage applications, files and other data on your Palm OS handheld, no matter where it is stored!

FilePoint Desktop Edition now includes our premier FilePoint 3.0 Palm OS file manager with full expansion card and Windows Networking connectivity, as well as FilePoint Desktop, giving you unprecented management and control of the files on your handheld!

Desktop Utility
FilePoint Desktop Edition ties your Windows PC to your PDA and card by allowing you to:
  • Display and manipulate your entire PDA folder structure on your PC in a familiar Explorer-like view
  • Move files to your PDA's RAM or expansion card (even assigned to a folder)
  • View the contents of both PDA and Card from the Windows PC
  • Install files and applications directly to an assigned destination on your PDA
  • Store any file to your expansion card for easy transport (music, photos, etc.)
PDA Utility
FilePoint brings "Explorer-like" convenience to your Palm OS device. Features on the handheld include:
  • Connect to and browse your "Network Neighborhood" just as you would from your PC or laptop
  • Folder tree to organize your handheld data for fast retrieval
  • Toolbar that allows you to perform routine functions without searching hidden menus (Open, Print, Beam, Delete, Move to RAM/Card, Create new document)
  • Filters to help you quickly find your important files
  • Directly launch native MSWord (.doc) and MSExcel (.xls) files (requires Documents To Go v6.0)
  • Integrates with music players and photo viewers
Expansion Card Utility

FilePoint helps you get the most from your expansion card, including:

  • Ability to see contents from PDA or Desktop PC
  • Copy files to and from shared folders on your Windows network
  • Move files to and from your memory expansion card with click of mouse/tap of stylus
  • Save data directly to a folder on the card from a PC
  • Broad compatibility with SD, MMC, CF and Memory Stick
Praise for FilePoint Desktop Edition
"***** Five Stars!"
"It's clear you should take a close look at FilePoint" -
" a killer app" - S. Almas

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Bachmann Mobile Utilities FilePoint Desktop Edition for Windows
FilePoint Premium Edition for Palm OS
FilePoint Wireless Edition for Palm OS
$59.99 $49.99 $29.99 $19.99 value**
Run Palm programs from your expansion card
Browse computers in your "Network Neighborhood" from your handheld
Wirelessly copy files between your handheld and your desktop or network
Move files and programs between your RAM, expansion card memory and network computers
Copy, Open and Save files on shared network folders
Organize your important files and programs on your handheld for quick retrieval
Run programs, documents and other files seamlessly from your handheld or expansion memory card
Manage your handheld and expansion card from your desktop computer
Install files and applications from your PC to your handheld
Automatically convert PC files into Palm formats
Integrates with Palm Desktop
Print documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint and more, directly from your handheld
Access hundreds of printer models over infrared, Bluetooth and Networked printers
Backup and Restore your handheld files wireless to your network
Backup and Restore your handheld files to your memory expansion card
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Free 30-day trial!
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Free 30-day trial!

**FilePoint Wireless Edition is only available bundled with selected third party software, handhelds and accessories

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