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Mobile Backup Frequently Asked Questions


The following includes the most frequently asked questions about our products:




Q: How does Mobile Backup differ from the Palm hot sync?
A: Mobile Backup enables you to back up your handheld when you cannot hot sync because you are "mobile". Also Moibile Backup allows you

to back up to an expansion card or your network. You are also able to backup all or some of your files. Hot sync will allow you to restore your Palm but it should not be the sole source of backup in case of data loss or corruption, hard reset or theft or loss of your handheld.

Q: What is the difference between the trial version and registered version of Mobile Backup?
A: The only difference between the trial version and registered version of the software is that the trial version has a 30-day time limitation and will stop operating after 30 days.

Q: Where do I find my Palm User ID (Hot Sync Name)?
A: To find your hot sync name: On your pda, tap on the "Hot Sync" icon from the "All" page. Your hot sync name will appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

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Q:How should I install Mobile Backup?
A: Once you download Mobile Backup, you may follow the

Q: I have the trial version of your software and have just purchased the registered copy. What should I do to load the new version?
A: There is no need to delete the trial version. You may simply enter the registration code provided after purchasing Mobile Backup and the trial version will become the "real", registered version.

Q: What do I need to know before I install Mobile Backup ?
A: If you have a Palm, Handspring, TRGPro, IBM Workpad, Symbol SPT 1500/1700 or any other personal digital assistant (PDA)

To install and use Mobile Backup, all you need is the following:
-A Palm Pilot or compatible device using Palm OS 3.0 or above
-A personal computer
-A Palm compatible Hotsync cradle

-An expansion card or network connection
-Unzip software such as WinZip


Q: What is the compression ratio of Mobile Backup when storing data to an expansion card?
A: There is no compression when using Mobile Backup.

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Q: Will Mobile Backup deal with spreading out a full backup to more than one expansion card?
A: No, we won't be supporting multiple card backup. You will either need an expansion card with sufficient memory to hold your data or a network connection.

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Q: Can Mobile Backup backup to a Network printer?
A: Mobile Backup allows you to backup directly from your handheld to a shared folder on you network.

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