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  • 03/13/06: Bachmann Software Launches Wireless Printing for Windows Mobile 5 and Treo 700w Smartphones ( read more )

    2005 Stories:

  • 9/20/05: Bachmann Software Announces Wireless Remote File Access for Palm Handhelds and Smartphones ( read more )

  • 7/13/05: Bachmann Software Announces Remote File Access for Windows Mobile-Based Pocket PCs and Smartphones ( read more )

  • 5/18/05: Bachmann Software’s PrintBoy bundled with palmOne’s new LifeDrive Mobile Manager ( read more )

  • 2/14/05:PrintBoy for Series 60 Bundled with Panasonic X800 Smartphones ( read more )

  • 1/27/05:Bachmann Software Announces Wireless File Exchange for Classrooms Using Palm OS Handhelds ( read more )

    2004 Stories:

  • 12/2/04:Bachmann Software Partners with Panasonic on Wireless Mobile Printing ( read more )

  • 11/19/04:Bachmann Software Announces MPrint Mobile Printer Bundle ( read more )

  • 09/17/04:Bachmann Software Launches Partnership with Enfora L.P. on Wireless Handheld Connectivity ( read more )

  • 08/16/04:Bachmann Software’s FilePoint Wireless Edition Bundled with new DataViz Documents To Go 7 ( read more )

  • 07/12/04:Bachmann Software Brings Wireless Network Backup Solution to Palm Powered™Handhelds ( read more )

  • 06/16/04:Bachmann Software launches PrintBoy for Series 60, bringing Wireless Printing of Documents and other Attachments to Series 60 Smartphones ( read more )

  • 04/25/04:Bachmann Software Brings Windows® Networking to Palm Powered™Handhelds ( read more )

  • 03/25/04:Bachmann Software Brings Windows® Networking to Palm Powered™Handhelds ( read more )

  • 02/09/04:Bachmann Software Brings Windows® Network File Access to Palm Powered™Handhelds ( read more )

  • 01/14/04:Bachmann Software’s PrintBoy and InfraReady Products Now Available at Dataviz Partner Store ( read more )

  • 01/05/04:Symbol Bundles PrintBoy with Captra™ for Small Business ( read more )


  • 12/22/03:PrintBoy SDK Enterprise Edition Gains .NET Platform Support ( read more )

  • 11/19/03: Bachmann Software Launches New Version of PrintBoy for Palm Powered™ Handhelds ( read more )

  • 11/18/03:PrintBoy SDK Enterprise Edition Delivers Reports and HTML Printing for Palm OS and PocketPC OS Handhelds ( read more )

  • 08/19/03:Epson and Bachmann Software Provide Mobile Printing from Palm OS® Handhelds ( read more )

  • 08/08/03:Bachmann Software Expands Wireless Network Printing Options for Palm OS and PocketPC Handhelds ( read more )

  • 06/30/03:Scantron Broadens Offerings of Third-Party Applications To Include Infinity Softworks and Bachmann Software Products ( read more )

  • 04/23/03:PrintBoy, Standard Edition is Included with New Palm Tungsten C Handheld ( read more )

  • 03/05/03:Bachmann Software Announces availability of Bluetooth Printing Solutions for Palm OS and Pocket PC devices ( read more )


  • 11/14/02:Bachmann Software Launches New Version of PrintBoy for Palm Powered™Handhelds at T+L Conference ( read more )

  • 11/06/02:Bachmann Software's PrintBoy Bundled with AlphaSmart's New Portable Computer for Students ( read more )

  • 10/21/02:Bachmann Software's FilePoint Pro, PrintBoy Anywhere and InfraReady Adapter All Now Available at The Palm Store ( read more )

  • 9/26/02:Bachmann Software Launches Bachmann Utilities Suite for Palm OS Handhelds at PalmSource Open House Event ( read more )

  • 7/30/02: Bachmann Software and TDK Systems Announce Bluetooth Printing Solution for Handheld Devices ( read more )

  • 6/26/02: Bachmann Software and Anycom Announce Bluetooth Printing Solution for Palm OS Devices ( read more )

  • 6/25/02: Bachmann Software Introduces Wireless Printing Solution for Palm Powered Devices ( read more )

  • 6/18/02: Bachmann Software and Clarinet Systems Team Up to Offer Students and Teachers Wireless Network Printing from Palm Powered Handhelds ( read more )

  • 6/17/02: Bachmann Software's PrintBoy Added to AlphaSmart's New Portable Computer for Students ( read more )

  • 5/2/02: Bachmann Software's FilePoint™ Pro Simplifies Working with MS Office and PDF Files on Palm Powered Handhelds ( read more )

  • 4/25/02: Bachmann Software Introduces Desktop File Management for Palm Powered Devices ( read more )

  • 4/16/02: Bachmann Software Partners with Corsoft to Add Printing to Mobile Email Solution ( read more )

  • 4/1/02:Bachmann Software Delivers Reporting and Wireless Printing Application to Mobile Physicians ( read more )

  • 3/7/02: Bachmann Software Introduces Printing Software Developers Kit (SDK) for Pocket PC devices - Developers of mobile applications for business users now able to incorporate printing ( read more )

  • 2/5/02: Bachmann Software Expands File Management Capabilities to All Palm OS Devices with Memory Expansion Cards - FilePoint™ and beta version of FilePoint Desktop both on display at PalmSource Conference and Expo ( read more )

  • 2/5/02: Bachmann Software's FilePoint and PrintBoy Bundled with Other Leading Palm OS Utilities in Mobile Tools Suite - Utility Suite Published by Handmark to be Available Among National Retailers ( read more )

  • 2/1/02: Bachmann and Sams Publishing Agree to Second Edition of Palm Programming Book - New Edition of "Palm Programming: The Authoritative Solution" to Address New Palm OS 5 Platform ( read more )

  • 1/30/02: Bachmann Software Introduces Wireless Printing for PocketPC Devices with PrintBoy™CE - Company now offers most comprehensive mobile printing solutions on the market, including Palm OS and PocketPC and Infrared Print Adapters ( read more )

  • 2001:

  • 12/15/01:PCWorld magazine gives FilePoint five-star rating

  • 11/13/01:Bachmann Software Launches FilePoint 2.0 at COMDEX - FilePoint™ 2.0 expands Palm OS file management to include enhanced support for Handspring and Sony handhelds

  • 11/12/01:FranklinCovey and Bachmann Software Partner to Create Special Edition Infrared Printing Software - Two infrared printing solutions to be exhibited in the Palm Pavilion at COMDEX, and sold through FranklinCovey's 170 Retail Stores, Web site and Catalogs

  • 10/9/01:Bachmann Software Renews License With Palm, Inc. - MultiMailÒ Pro to continue using PrintBoy for wirelessly printing email content

  • 9/25/01:Bachmann Software Introduces Palm OS Based File Management for Memory Expansion Cards - FilePoint™ provides Palm Powered™ handheld users the ability to organize data on Secure Digital and MultiMedia expansion memory cards as well as on RAM

  • 9/19/01:Bachmann Software’s PrintBoy Pro, Wireless Printing Solution for Palm Powered Handhelds, Introduced to Retail Stores by Handmark

  • 8/16/01:Bachmann Software Introduces File Management for Palm Powered Handheld Computers - FilePoint™ offers users a better way to organize, find and access data on Palm OS® handhelds

  • 7/17/01:Bachmann Software announces PrintBoy support for Blue Nomad's new Wordsmith version 2.0

  • 7/16/01: PatientKeeper and Bachmann Software join forces to provide physicians with a low cost wireless handheld printing solution

  • 6/26/01: Bachmann Software Introduces FilePoint File Management System for Palm OS® at PC Expo

  • 6/25/01: Bachmann Software’s PrintBoy Goes to School and Earns an A+ From Teachers and Students

  • 6/19/01: Bachmann Software Expands Printing Support for Palm Powered Spreadsheets to Include MiniCalc

  • 6/15/01: PrintBoy™ Wins Best of PC Expo 2001 Award

  • 6/11/01: Bachmann Software Releases PrintBoy™ Deluxe 3.0; Allows Palm™ Handheld Users to Print Wirelessly from ThinkDB Databases

  • 4/30/01: Bachmann Software Partners With Zebra Technologies to Offer Enhanced Printing Support for the Palm OS®

  • 4/24/01: Palm Handheld-Toting High School Students in USD 230 Offered Wireless Printing

  • 4/18/01: New Release of PrintBoy™ Documents Lets Palm™ Users Produce Office-Like Quality Documents On the Run

  • 4/17/01: Bachmann Software Introduces InfraReady Adapter, Expanding Infrared Printing Access to Mobile Professionals

  • 4/10/01:Bachmann Software & Services Celebrates 50th Handheld Computer Application Development Project

  • 4/3/01: Palm Infocenter reviews PrintBoy

  • 3/1/01: PrintBoy Documents by Bachmann Software Now Enables Users of Palm Powered Devices to Print Wordsmith Documents

  • 3/1/01: PrintBoy Deluxe with spreadsheet printing receives rave reviews from!

  • 2/27/01: Bachmann Software Introduces First Spreadsheet Printing Application for Palm Powered Devices

  • 2/21/01: Bachmann Software Renews License Agreement with Palm

  • 2/7/2001: PrintBoy Goes Retail - Bachmann Software Announces Partnership With MacMillan

  • 1/31/01: PrintBoy Deluxe Gets Great Review in PDA Geek

  • 1/8/2001:Quickword and PrintBoy Documents Combine to Create Complete Document Management Solution for the Palm OS


  • 12/13/2000:Bachmann Software Demonstrating New Wireless Printing Solutions at PalmSource 2000

  • 12/11/2000:Bachmann Software Introduces Four Wireless Printing Products

  • 12/11/2000:Bachmann Software introduces Enchanced Wireless Printing for the Palm OS® Platform

  • 12/11/2000:Bachmann Software Announces Complete Wireless Printing Solution

  • 12/11/2000:Bachmann Software Makes Document Printing Available for the Palm OS Platform

  • 11/27/2000:Bachmann Software Adds Sales/Business Development VP

  • 11/2/2000:Bachmann Software demonstrates Bluetooth™ wireless printing at Comdex/Fall 2000

  • 11/1/2000:Bachmann Software Announces a Free PrintBoy Software Promotion With Purchase of Infrared Adapter

  • 10/24/2000:Bachmann Software Enables ACT Contact Management Users to Interface Data With Their Handhelds

  • 10/18/2000:<Bachmann Software Enables Editing of Spreadsheets on Handheld Computers

  • 10/6/2000:Bachmann Software Announces PrintBoy 2.0

  • 1/19/2000:Actual Software and Bachmann Software Provide E-Mail Printing To Go

  • 1/11/2000:PrintBoy 1.0 released by Bachmann Software

  • 1/4/2000:Bachmann announces Open Printer Driver Interface for the Palm platform


  • 12/15/1999:Enhanced Satellite Forms support for Print Manager 3.0 released

  • 12/15/1999:O'Neil Printer Driver Support for Print Manager 3.0 released

  • 11/29/1999:Bachmann Print Manager 3.0 released with support for Pentax PocketJet, O'Neil and more!

  • 10/31/1999:WalletWare adds printing to Expense Plus

  • 10/19/1999:Nettech Systems partners with Bachmann on wireless solutions for the Palm Computing Platform



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