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PrintBoy for Palm OS Handhelds
Network Printing

Print to locally attached or networked printers from you Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld.
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Network Printing

Bachmann Software's PrintBoy mobile printing solution meets the demands of the mobile handheld computer user, providing the most comprehensive set of options for printing from handheld devices.

What is involved with IP-based Printing with PrintBoy ?

Understanding the dizzying variety of ways that traditional desktop and laptop computers connect to networks, computers and printers can be a daunting task. There are large public networks like the Internet, and private local area networks. There are dialup modems, ISDN, Cable modems, t-1 lines and Ethernet jacks. Not to mention VPN's, secure socket layers and firewalls. With all of these options, how in the world do we manage to connect computers at all?

The answer is simple: IP, or Internet Protocol. Strip away all of the other stuff, and what you are left with is a guarantee that the computers on either side of the connection can speak the language of IP. With that understanding, everything else falls into place: web browsers, e-mail clients, file servers, networked printers, all begin to be able to speak to one another.

With PrintBoy running on a Palm OS handheld, attempting to locate and print to a networked printer, the same rule applies: if there is a way to find out a given printer's IP address, and speak the IP language to it, PrintBoy can print to that printer. All PrintBoy cares about is that there is an established IP connection between the PDA and the printer.

How is an IP connection created? Same as with any other computer: you need to know the printer's IP address, and the port that it is configured to respond to. Virtually all of the printers sold to businesses and corporations today are capable of making an IP connection, either via a network adapter built directly into the printer, or via an inexpensive add-on printer sharing appliance, such as HP's JetDirect product.

What is the PrintBoy Proxy Server?

Due to limitations on the Palm operating system, printers shared via Windows Networking (ex. \\MyComputer\MySharedLaserPrinter) could not be supported with our software so there was another solution to be created, PrintBoy Proxy Server.

It is useful in situations where the target network printer is either not IP-based or it is difficult/impossible to determine the IP/Port information. It runs as a Windows application, and redirects all print jobs to any printer that is attached to the Windows PC, either directly or via network. PrintBoy Proxy Server is designed to support wireless network printing in situations where direct IP connectivity from the handheld to the printer is not possible. This feature should address users who have printers attached to their PC's but have not been able to get a network print to work directly to the printer.

In order for this solution to work for you, you must have the following:

A handheld that can connect to your network over Wi-Fi, bluetooth or other means, such as a Palm Tungsten C.
  • At least one PC on your network must have a fixed IP address
  • A printer that is accessible from a PC on the network, using either some form of printer-sharing or a directly connected cable.

    Works great, and its free. You can download it for FREE from our Downloads page, scroll down to the "Network Printing" section.

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