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PrintBoy SDK for Mobile Application Developers
PrintBoy SDK
for Mobile Application Developers
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Key Benefits and Features

-Design and format report layouts using familiar row-column tables, logo and bitmap, and rich text elements.
-Leverage your investment in HTML and cross-platform development tools.
-Rapidly integrate multiple report layouts into applications.
-Seamlessly work with a wide variety of mobile and office printers.
-Deploy a high performance print engine and print drivers with your application.

Sound too good to be true? The following exclusive PrintBoy SDK features make it all possible:

Cross-Platform Mobile Print Engine

PrintBoy SDK is the only mobile printing developer kit that supports Palm OS, Pocket PC and even .NET handheld applications.

Today, there are more handheld device choices than ever. What handheld operating system platforms will your customers be using today, and tomorrow? If you are developing your application for use on more than one platform, or if you want to ensure that your application will work on more than one platform in the future, PrintBoy SDK saves you time and money by offering both Palm and PocketPC printing support in one single comprehensive SDK.

High-Level ReportLayout and HTML Printing APIs

Until now, adding printing capability to your handheld application meant writing code full of tedious low-level instructions for drawing lines and rectangles, performing precise positioning of text by hand, and learning arcane printer-specific commands. Creating something as common as a standard invoice required a steep learning curve and a significant investment in programming effort.

Our new ReportLayout and HTML printing APIs let you design and layout your reports, forms and other types of print jobs using tools you are already familiar with. Do you use HTML? Design the look and feel of your report in HTML, then just send PrintBoy SDK that same HTML in your application code and let PrintBoy do the work! Familiar with desktop database reporting tools like Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access? Use our ReportLayout API to define your report with support for row/column tables, text with full font formatting, automatic word-wrapping and left, center and right alignment, and image and bitmap support for elements like signatures and company logos.

Development Tool and Language Support

PrintBoy SDK works with the most popular development tools and languages available:

Extensive Printer Driver Compatibility

PrintBoy SDK comes with the industry-leading PrintBoy Print Engine, selected by printer vendors and handheld device manufacturers around the world for unparalleled mobile printing compatibility.

PrintBoy comes with more than 25 printer drivers - works with virtually any mobile or office printer including:

No matter what printer your application encounters, you can bet that PrintBoy will work with it. If you aren't sure if your printer is supported, contact us and we can point you to the right driver, or you can make use of our Printer Driver Development services to create a driver to your specifications.

Best of all, with the ReportLayout and HTML printing APIs in our Enterprise Edition, you can say goodbye to writing printer-specific application code! Your code will work unchanged no matter what printer you are using! PrintBoy evaluates the target printer capabilities and automatically formats your report in the best possible way, whether you are printing to an office laser printer or a truck-mounted dot-matrix printer.

Wireless and Serial Printer Communications

PrintBoy SDK is the only mobile printing solution that provides transparent Palm OS and PocketPC support for infrared, Bluetooth, 802.11/"Wi-Fi" and serial connections.

All of our printer drivers have automatic support for any communications interface you can make between your handheld and the target printer, making the PrintBoy SDK apis truly transport independent. Your application code simply submits your report or other print job to the PrintBoy print engine, and we take care of all of the messy details of wireless or serial communications.

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