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PrintBoy SDK for Mobile Application Developers
SDK for Palm OS and PocketPC Developers
PrintBoy SDK v7.0

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Fujitsu FTP-628 Mobile Thermal Printer

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In order to give our customers the most flexible licensing options possible, we offer two ways for developers to license our PrintBoy SDK product.

1. Developer Licensing

With our Developer License option, the application developer purchases a Developer License Key from us, as well as a pre-defined number of user licenses to distribute our PrintBoy Print Engine with their application on a PocketPC or Palm OS handheld. Once a Developer License is purchased, the application developer embeds the Developer License Key in their API calls to our PrintBoy SDK, which unlocks the PrintBoy Print Engine for use with the application. Users of the application do not need to purchase our print engine, nor do they need to enter any registration keys on their handheld.

For applications in which printing is integral to the success of the program, Developer Licensing offers by far the most inexpensive cost per-user. The following table lists our Developer License pricing for each PrintBoy SDK Edition:

PrintBoy SDK Edition # Users Price Cost Per User
Reports Edition up to 100 $699 $6.99
up to 500 $999 $1.99
up to 1000 $1,399 $1.39
More than 1000 Contact us for pricing Contact us for pricing
HTML Edition up to 100 $599 $5.99
up to 500 $899 $1.79
up to 1000 $1,299 $1.29
More than 1000 Contact us for pricing Contact us for pricing
Basic Edition up to 100 $399 $3.99
up to 500 $699 $1.39
up to 1000 $1,099 $1.09
More than 1000 Contact us for pricing Contact us for pricing

Note: 100 users is the minimum purchasable Developer License.

2. End User Licensing

Our new End User Licensing option is designed for developers for whom printing is perhaps an optional feature, developers who do not wish to bear the full cost of print engine licensing for their end users, or for developers who are looking deploy a very small number of handhelds (typically 10 or less).

With End User Licensing, the application developer does not purchase an SDK, but instead registers FREE with Bachmann Software for a special End User Licensing key. This key is embedded in the application code and passed to our printing API's.

However, in order to unlock print engine functionality, each handheld user must purchase their own Print Engine from Bachmann Software and obtain a valid PrintBoy Print Engine registration code that matches their unique handheld. This end user Print Engine registration code is then entered by the user into our Print Setup program's Registration Screen, which then unlocks the print engine for use by 3rd party software applications.

Each end user copy of the PrintBoy Print Engine costs $19.99. (There are no volume discounts under the End User license model). Once again, the application developer incurs no cost under this licensing model, a developer license key is free with registration on our web site.

The following table illustrates the total deployment cost of varying numbers of handhelds under the End User License model:

Number of Users Cost Per User Total Deployment Cost
1 $19.99 $19.99
10 $19.99 $199.99
25 $19.99 $499.99
50 $19.99 $999.99
100 $19.99 $1,999.99

An End User Print Engine registration code unlocks the PrintBoy Print Engine for use by 3rd party applications which use ANY Edition of our PrintBoy SDK (Reports, HTML or Basic).

For very small deployments, the application developer may choose to purchase Print Engine licenses on behalf of each end user. However, a valid Print Engine registration code must still be obtained and entered on each handheld.

Undecided? Read our PrintBoy SDK Licensing Comparison Chart to learn more about why you should choose which licensing model.

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