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PrintBoy SDK for Mobile Application Developers
SDK for Palm OS and PocketPC Developers
PrintBoy SDK v7.0

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Fujitsu FTP-628 Mobile Thermal Printer

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Need help deciding whether to go with PrintBoy SDK's Developer Licensing or User Licensing model?

The following may help you with your decision:

You should probably choose the Developer Licensing Model if you:

  • consider printing to be an integral, critical function of your software application, or you
  • do not wish to make your end users purchase their own copies of the PrintBoy Print Engine, or you
  • do not wish to enter an end user Print Engine registration code on each handheld, or you
  • want the absolute lowest cost of printing per handheld

You should probably choose the User Licensing Model if you:

  • consider printing to be an optional or add-on function of your software application, or you
  • would prefer your end users to bear the cost of purchasing their own copy of the PrintBoy Print Engine, or you
  • are deploying a very small (10) number of handhelds

Frequently asked licensing questions:

Q: Where can my end users purchase a PrintBoy Print Engine license?

A: The PrintBoy Print Engine may be purchased here

Q: If I choose the User Licensing Model, what happens on a handheld if the user tries to print but has not yet purchased a PrintBoy Print Engine license?

A: If your application detects that the handheld does not have PrintBoy installed, you can display a message to your user instructing them to visit our web site and purchase a copy of our Print Engine. If a Print Engine is installed on the handheld but the user has not entered a Print Engine Registration Code, the Print Engine will run in "Trial Mode" for up to 15 days. During this time, all printouts will bear the text "This was printed using an unlicensed version of PrintBoy".

Q: I'm developing an application at my company that may eventually be deployed on several hundred handhelds, but we only need 5 handhelds to start. Do I have to purchase the 100-user Developer License?

A: You can purchase any number of copies of our end user PrintBoy Print Engine to start. You could start with as few as one or two copies. If however you are certain you will be deploying more than 20 handhelds, you will ultimately save money by purchasing a 100-user Developer License.

Q: Can I buy an unlimited site license of the PrintBoy Print Engine?

A: You would be far better off calling us and negotiating a Developer License that will cover a large number of users. For deployments over 1000 users, the per user licensing cost drops to well below $1.00 when using the Developer License Model.

Q: If I start with End User Licensing, can I switch to Developer Licensing at a later time?

A: Yes, you can purchase a Developer License Key at any time. However, any end user Print Engine purchases already made are non-refundable.

Q: Having each of my end users enter their own registration code seems like a lot of work.

A: If you do not wish to deal with lots of end user registration codes, you should be using the Developer License Model.

Still have questions? We are here to help. Just send us an email at, or call us at (973) 729 9427.

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