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Bachmann Software's FilePoint™ Pro Simplifies Working with MS Office and PDF Files on Palm Powered Handhelds

New file manager adds "Explorer-like" desktop organization to popular Palm OS applications

SPARTA, N.J. - May 2, 2002... Bachmann Software announces that FilePoint Pro, a recently released file management application for Palm OS® handhelds, enables mobile professionals to work more efficiently with MS Office files on their handheld devices. FilePoint Pro, which offers management of Palm OS files from a desktop PC, extends its ability to organize documents to the most popular third party Palm OS business applications.

Users of Dataviz' Documents To Go, Cutting Edge Software's Quickoffice, Blue Nomad's WordSmith, or Adobe's Acrobat Reader will benefit from the addition of FilePoint Pro on their desktop. Mobile professionals can now select Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files and move them directly to the assigned folder on their handheld computers.

"Now that people are able to carry their business files on their handhelds, file management has become a very important issue," said Dan Reuvers, Bachmann Software's vice president of business development. "Users recognize the importance of Explorer's features and seek to integrate the file management tools they have come to depend on into their mobile computing experience. The ability to perform a wide range of essential functions-such as organizing files in a folder structure, seamlessly accessing expansion cards and easily exchanging data among various destinations-makes FilePoint Pro the most comprehensive business management tool on the market."

Professionals who rely upon their PDAs as on-the-go productivity tools have many practical uses for FilePoint Pro. For example, users who are preparing for a business trip can create folders for each of their scheduled meetings and "drag and drop" necessary documents-such as their itinerary, customer proposal, contract, product instructions, sales history, and sales presentation on PowerPoint-into the folders for easy access during meetings.

Another application is in the legal field. Attorneys can now load all documents associated with their daily caseloads by dragging and dropping them into the special folders they created for each case. Also with the PC component of FilePoint Pro, they can just as easily move a folder's contents from their PDA to an expansion card, if they need to share the file with an associate.

FilePoint Pro also helps users to manage memory resources on their handhelds more efficiently. With FilePoint Pro's memory indicator, users can easily respond to low RAM memory by moving applications or other large files to an expansion memory card to "make room."

With FilePoint Pro, users can easily view what is on their PDAs and cards, move files (via drag and drop), organize them into folders and optimize memory, all from the convenience of a desktop PC. FilePoint Pro also allows Palm OS device users to move unconverted files directly to folders on their expansion cards, which is particularly useful for moving images or MP3 music files. Bachmann Software intends to add conversion support for additional files/applications in future versions of FilePoint Pro.

"FilePoint Pro is an excellent complement for Quickoffice with many of the organizational tools that Windows Explorer provides on the desktop," said Paul Moreton, Cutting Edge Software's vice president of marketing and sales. "Our goal has always been to increase the productivity of mobile professionals, and Quickoffice combined with FilePoint Pro makes organizing and using Excel and Word files on their Palm devices even easier."

About FilePoint Pro
FilePoint Pro enables users to perform a wide range of file management actions at their desktops, including "drag and drop" organization of documents, applications, or even entire folders that users wish to move to their handhelds' expansion cards, RAM, or specific FilePoint folders. By providing both desktop and handheld versions of the application, FilePoint Pro fulfills the roles of launcher, file management system, install tool, and card reader, all in one easy-to-use program.

FilePoint Pro retails for US$49.99 and is available on Bachmann Software's Web site, www.bachmannsoftware.com, or any of the Web sites that sell Palm OS applications, such as PalmGear and Handango. Current users of FilePoint can upgrade for US$29.99.

About Bachmann Software & Services
Bachmann Software & Services is a leading provider of software products and development services for handheld computing and wireless applications. Based in Sparta, N.J., the company develops mobile computing applications intended to enhance users' efficiency. Current Bachmann products include FilePoint™, which introduces the ability to organize files and PrintBoy, which prints documents directly from a Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld; both staples of desktop computing. Bachmann Software is committed to extending the most popular utilities from the desktop to the mobile computing arena.

The company also leverages its experience by providing development services for mobile computing applications. With experience in developing both products and enterprise applications on the Palm OS, Windows CE and RIM platforms, Bachmann has completed over 50 such mobile computing applications. The company's president, Glenn Bachmann, is the author of the book "Palm Programming; The Authoritative Solution", published in 1999, and pending an updated version this summer. Bachmann Software's clients have included Fortune 500 companies in the medical, imaging, CRM, wireless and PC industries, among others. For more information, visit www.bachmannsoftware.com.


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