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Bachmann Software Launches New Version of PrintBoy for Palm Powered™Handhelds at T+L Conference

Expanded version of PrintBoy enables printing from presentation applications and includes support for international languages and characters

DALLAS, TX - November 13, 2002... Today at the Technology + Learning Conference in Dallas, Bachmann Software is launching an expanded version of its PrintBoy application for Palm Powered™ handhelds, providing users more options for producing printed output directly from their handhelds. With the new version of PrintBoy, Bachmann Software has concentrated on expanding support for more types of applications plus international languages and characters.

"Whether used on an AlphaSmart Dana or a Palm Powered handheld, Bachmann's PrintBoy offers a complete input/output solution to students, enabling them to complete their assignments and easily print them out for review by their teachers," said Mike Lorion, vice president of education at Palm, Inc.

The ability to run PowerPoint slideshow presentations from a Palm Powered handheld has been a major productivity enhancement for mobile professionals, and the ability to produce and share printed copies of presentations with clients and colleagues is invaluable. The new version of PrintBoy has been expanded to enable users to print their PowerPoint presentations directly from their handhelds. This new capability will be especially useful for mobile professionals who use Palm OS presentation software, such as Cutting Edge Software's Quickpoint, with presentation accessories, such as iGo's Pitch for Palm Powered handhelds. Now these users can produce and share high-quality printouts of their presentations via infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other network connection.

"Most everybody appreciates a presentation with hand-outs-otherwise participants are forced to scribble notes or leave with nothing but memories," said Holmes Lundt, Executive Vice President of Mobility Electronics' handheld computing device business line. "PrintBoy is a powerful complement to the Pitch and Quickpoint solutions by enabling our customers to produce and share high-quality printouts on-the-go, whenever and wherever they are needed."

Non-English speaking users of Palm Powered handhelds will enjoy newfound ability to print in their own languages and special characters. This new PrintBoy feature enables users to print documents that contain special characters used in English applications. Further, French, German, Italian and Spanish users will be able to print content in their native languages, including support for all of the special accented characters and punctuation found in those languages and character sets.

Bachmann Software continues to add new formatting features to PrintBoy by improving the output generated from such productivity applications as Documents to Go, Quickoffice and WordSmith. Document printing now supports left, center and right paragraph alignment. The new formatting capabilities adds to users' existing ability to print documents formatted with bold, underlined, and italicized text, plus multi-sized fonts.

PrintBoy Anywhere also now boasts of support for the most popular "outliner" application used in business and education, Hands High Software's ThoughtManager and ThoughtManager for Education. The new PrintBoy Outline module integrates directly into the ThoughtManager applications by adding a new Print menu option, enabling users to produce fast, high-quality printouts of ThoughtManager outlines used for project plans, to-do lists, presentations, lesson plans, class notes, ideas, etc.

Bachmann Software is proud that PrintBoy has become the industry standard among educators for producing printed output from handheld and portable computers and has become one of the first and most commonly installed programs on Palm Powered handhelds deployed to students and teachers at schools.

"As handheld computers continue to infiltrate schools and the workplace, and more and more are being used as portable computers rather than mere organizers, users of these devices are realizing their need to produce printed output," said Glenn Bachmann, Bachmann Software's president and author of Palm OS Programming, now available in its 2nd edition. "Regardless of whether our customers need to print by beaming their documents to an IR port on a printer or through a network, PrintBoy provides them with unparalleled ability to produce high-quality documents from their PDAs."

About PrintBoy
PrintBoy allows Palm OS® users to print their critical information by selecting their wireless method of choice, and sending their data to the printer. Whether the users work in an environment supporting a network, Bluetooth™ technology, 802.11b (also known as Wi-Fi), have modem access, or infrared, PrintBoy allows them to produce their data to the printer of their choice. It includes support for many of the top Palm OS productivity applications on the market, including Cutting Edge Software's Quickoffice, DataViz' Documents to Go, and Blue Nomad's WordSmith.

About Bachmann Software & Services
Bachmann Software & Services is a leading provider of software products and development services for handheld computing and wireless applications. Based in Sparta, N.J., the company primarily develops applications for the Palm OS® platform. Its premier products include PrintBoy™, a suite of applets that allows users to wirelessly print highly readable output of most information stored on a Palm OS -based device. Bachmann also produces the InfraReady adapter, designed to convert virtually any printer's parallel port to accept an infrared beam. The company's newest product line, FilePoint, extends many of the "Windows-style" file management conveniences to Palm Powered™ devices that desktop users have long enjoyed.

Bachmann has also been a leading contributor to the overall Palm Economy by producing over 50 products on the platform. The company has been engaged by many Fortune 500 companies to develop mobile computing solutions. The company's president, Glenn Bachmann is also the author of the book "Palm OS Programming," published by Sams Publishing, now available in its second edition.

For more information, visit www.bachmannsoftware.com


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