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Bachmann Software Releases PrintBoy™ Deluxe 3.0; Allows Palm™ Handheld Users to Print Wirelessly from ThinkDB Databases

Mobile professionals can now wirelessly print hard copies of database records on-the-fly

SPARTA, N.J., - June 11, 2001 Bachmann Software & Services today introduced PrintBoy Deluxe 3.0, which will enable users of Palm Powered™ handheld computers to wirelessly print database views and even record details by simply beaming the files to an infrared (IR) enabled printer. PrintBoy Deluxe 3.0 works with ThinkDB by thinkingBytes, Inc., one of the most robust and popular databases for the Palm OSÒ platform.

“We are delighted to see Bachmann Software continually adding PrintBoy support for so many of the leading Palm OS applications on the market,” said Christy Wyatt, senior director of platform licensing and business development at Palm, Inc. “The ability to print mission-critical documents, spreadsheets and now databases provides tremendous added value to the users of Palm Powered devices.”

Bachmann Software has been aggressively adding printing support for many of the most popular “office-type” applications for handheld computers, such as word processors, spreadsheets and databases. Today’s announcement is another step toward enabling professionals to produce printed copies of all critical business documents and reports from their Palm Powered devices. The ability to produce printed copies of database records on-the-fly opens up an entirely new realm of portable computing capabilities for a host of industries, such as logistics, healthcare, sales, field service and education, among many others. By allowing mobile professionals to produce wirelessly printed documents and database records from their Palm™ handhelds, PrintBoy is enabling its users to become considerably more productive away from the office.

ThinkDB allows users to capture, view and edit information directly on a Palm Powered handheld, and synchronize the data with either its desktop counterpart or a back-end database. With the release of PrintBoy Deluxe 3.0, ThinkDB customers will now have an easy method of updating records anytime/anyplace, even in a client’s office, and producing a hard copy document on the spot. This new capability is especially useful in situations when a Palm handheld user is conducting business with someone who doesn’t have a Palm Powered device and would otherwise be unable to provide a copy of the data.

“Our objective with ThinkDB has been to provide mobile professionals with the necessary tools to increase their productivity when they are away from the office,” said Joseph Baron, president and CEO of thinkingBytes. “The ability to print a report, a database or even a single record directly from the handheld has been in great demand and PrintBoy provides an ideal solution.”

One of the barriers to being able to wirelessly print content from handheld computers has been the lack of access to IR printers. In April, Bachmann Software unveiled its own InfraReady adapter, a portable infrared adapter that can be used to convert any standard printer to accept “beamed” documents for printing on the spot. By offering Palm handheld users both feature-rich software and an infrared adapter, Bachmann Software is providing the mobile computing marketplace with the first complete portable printing system.

“By enabling mobile professionals to print their critical business documents, spreadsheets and databases directly from their Palm Powered devices, we are working toward the day when we can all leave those cumbersome briefcases and laptops behind,” stated Dan Reuvers, vice president of Bachmann Software. “With such a large base of mobile professionals among its loyal customers, we are delighted to provide the power of PrintBoy to the users of ThinkDB.”

About PrintBoy Deluxe 3.0
PrintBoy Deluxe allows users of Palm Powered devices to print databases, documents, spreadsheets, calendars, contacts, memos, to-do’s, e-mails, and anything saved to the clipboard by simply “beaming” it to a printer. Bachmann Software is offering PrintBoy Deluxe at a retail price of $34.99, available for purchase at the Web sites for both Bachmann Software (www.bachmannsoftware.com) and thinkingBytes (www.thinkingbytes.com).

About Bachmann Software & Services
Bachmann Software & Services is a leading provider of software products and development services for handheld computing and wireless applications. Based in Sparta, N.J., the company primarily develops applications for the Palm OS platform. Its premier products include PrintBoy™ Developer Kit, which “snaps” into Palm Powered™ devices and provides a standard text and graphics printing engine that can be used by virtually any application, and PrintBoy™, a suite of applets that allows users to print highly readable output of most information stored on the Palm OS. For more information, visit http://www.bachmannsoftware.com.

About thinkingBytes
thinkingBytes Technology is a Massachusetts-based software company that provides premier software applications for handheld devices. Powered by a relational database, its flagship product, thinkDB, allows users of Palm Powered handheld computers to build robust applications quickly and intuitively. Empowering managers with data and information at their fingertips, thinkingBytes Technology helps corporations and individuals become more productive and prepared to make mission critical decisions. For more information, visit www.thinkingbytes.com.

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