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Bachmann Software’s PrintBoy Goes to School and Earns an A+ From Teachers and Students

Wireless printing of assignments from Palm Powered handhelds expands learning and teaching opportunities

SPARTA, N.J., - June 25, 2001 Bachmann Software will be exhibiting its PrintBoy application at the National Educational Computing Conference in Chicago today and tomorrow in Palm, Inc.’s pavilion (booth #2020). PrintBoy Deluxe provides the convenience of highly readable graphical printouts for almost any kind of information stored on a Palm™ handheld.

PrintBoy has proven to be a very useful application as more and more schools provide handheld computing devices to students and faculty. PrintBoy enables students to wirelessly print the assignments that have been completed on their Palm Powered™ devices by simply beaming the documents to any printer equipped with an infrared port. By adding PrintBoy capabilities to Palm OS® based handhelds, students can make the most efficient use of their devices by both completing and producing final copies of their assignments without ever requiring the use of a desktop personal computer.

“I use most of the PrintBoy functionality on a routine basis to improve my efficiency in school,” said Michael Ducker, a graduating junior high student from St. Paul, Minnesota and a contributing writer to the VisorCentral,com Web site. “I recently typed an essay for one of my finals on my Handspring Visor Prism and was able to print the entire 1,000 word document using PrintBoy and one of the school’s HP laser printers. With a quick beam from my Visor, the assignment was rolling off the printer and available for submission to my teacher in its cleanly typed form. In fact, with nearly 400 memos on my Visor, it’s great to be able to produce my information whenever I might need it. My ability to print and share my calendar with my parents has also helped my family keep up with my many extracurricular events. ”

The potential to offer the benefits of wireless printing to students, which increased the usability of Palm Powered handhelds on campus, led to Orland Park, Illinois’ Consolidated High School District 230’s pilot program and school-wide implementation of PrintBoy. District 230’s handheld computing program, the largest of its kind in the nation, involves more than 1,700 students and 65 teachers. Many of the classes at District 230 are utilizing PalmÔ handhelds to collect and analyze data outside of the classroom, and the results are shared during class time. Many of these assignments are completed using applications that can be wirelessly printed using PrintBoy, such as spreadsheets and word processing documents.

By providing wireless printing capabilities, the school district has also facilitated the task of grading assignments for classroom instructors- they can review and provide comments on printed essays, spreadsheets and other extensive documents more easily than on the small screen of a Palm handheld. One such teacher who has enjoyed the benefits of PrintBoy is Jack O’Donnell, one of District 230’s high school instructors. Mr. O’Donnell has found that PrintBoy has improved the overall efficiency of the district’s mobile computing program.

“Thanks to our Palm handheld program, I have been able to wirelessly collect assignments on spreadsheets from students,” said Mr. O’Donnell. “PrintBoy has been instrumental in converting these assignments into an easier-to-read printed format. I have found that it is much faster and more convenient to simply beam the spreadsheet to my IR-equipped Epson printer than to sync the spreadsheet with Excel on my PC and then print it.”

PrintBoy Deluxe is available for $34.99 on Bachmann Software’s online store at www.bachmannsoftware.com. The company is also offering a $15 savings on its InfraReady adapter, regularly $59.99, when purchased with PrintBoy Deluxe.

About PrintBoy
PrintBoy is the most popular software available to enable wireless printing from Palm Powered™ devices. PrintBoy supports printing of Documents, Spreadsheets, Memos, Calendars, e-mails, Contacts, To-Dos, and items saved to the clipboard. Both PrintBoy and Bachmann’s new InfraReady Adapter are available at Bachmann’s Web site at www.bachmannsoftware.com.

About Bachmann Software & Services
Bachmann Software & Services is a leading provider of software products and development services for handheld computing and wireless applications. Based in Sparta, N.J., the company primarily develops applications for the Palm OS platform. Its premier products include PrintBoy™ Developer Kit, which “snaps” into Palm Powered™ devices and provides a standard text and graphics printing engine that can be used by virtually any application, and PrintBoy™, a suite of applets that allows users to print highly readable output of most information stored on the Palm OS. For more information, visit http://www.bachmannsoftware.com.

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