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Enfora Wireless LAN Portfolio with Bachmann Mobile Utilities

Enfora Wireless LAN Portfolio with Bachmann Mobile Utilities Bachmann Mobile Utilities for Palm OS Handhelds
For Palm OS handhelds

Includes trial versions of PrintBoy Premium Edition, FilePoint Premium Edition, FilePoint Desktop and Mobile Backup!

Upgrade your Palm OS handheld to Wi-Fi with the Enfora Wireless LAN Portfolio, and get these great programs for your Palm OS handheld!

Choose either:
1) model WLN0103 for PalmOne Tungsten T, T2 and T3 or m-Series handhelds with the Palm Universal Connector:
1) model WLN0104 for PalmOne Tungsten E and Zire 72 handhelds with mini-USB Connector:

How to Buy: The Enfora Portfolio is available for purchase at authorized online stores (please see the Enfora web site at for a list of dealers)

About the Enfora Wireless LAN Portfolio:

  • Enhances your PalmOne PDA device by giving you the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi (802.11b) network
  • Print to your network printer, retrieve files from your network, and backup your handheld to your network using bundled Bachmann Mobile Utilities software
  • Works with nearly all PalmOne PDAs with the Palm Universal Connector such as the Zire 71, Tungsten T3, m515 and others (model WLN0103).
  • Model WLN0104 works with PalmOne Tungsten E handhelds through mini-USB connector
  • Charge your PalmOne PDA through your Wireless LAN Portfolio
  • Integrated battery allows for normal PalmOne PDA battery life while having wireless access.
  • Attractive Black Mesh/Leather carrying case provides needed protection for your PalmOne PDA.

About Bachmann Mobile Utilities:

Turn your PalmOne handheld into a powerful handheld computer with programs that let you print, file, organize, find, move, save, launch, backup, restore, install and even share your data over your network!

Look at everything you get inside Bachmann Mobile Utilities:

PrintBoy for Palm OS Handhelds
Premium Edition For Palm OS handhelds

  • Print Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, E-mail and more from your Palm OS handheld!
  • Supports infrared, bluetooth, wi-fi, network and cabled connections to your mobile or office printer
  • Integrates with Documents To Go and QuickOffice
  • PrintSetup Wizard takes the guesswork out of picking the correct drivers
  • Produce hardcopies on demand whenever and wherever you need them
PrintBoy MainScreen
Premium Edition For Palm OS handhelds

  • Connect to your Windows 2000, XP, NT, or Windows 98 network and access documents, music, photos, directly from your Palm OS handheld.
  • Quickly find and work with important files on your handheld and expansion memory card.
  • Work with "native" MSWord and MSExcel files
  • Full views of your internal handheld memory and expansion card
  • High-resolution screen support for Tungsten T3, Sony Clie NX and UX-50, and Alphasmart Dana handhelds
For Palm OS handhelds
  • Safely and easily backup your handheld files and programs to your network OR your memory expansion card
  • Restores your files in case of data loss or corruption, hard reset, or theft/loss of handheld.
  • The only wireless network-ready data backup solution for Palm OS handhelds
  • Native Windows Networking support for Windows 2000, XP, NT, and Windows 98
  • Choose expansion card OR network file server as destination for backup
  • Full or incremental backup
  • Selective backup and restore, allowing selection of individual files or multiple file selections
  • Ensures that handheld data is backed up with standard office/home network backup solutions and procedures.
Mobile Backup
Desktop Edition for Windows

  • Display and manipulate your entire PDA folder structure on your PC in a familiar Explorer-like view
  • Move files to your PDA's RAM or expansion card (even assigned to a folder)
  • View the contents of both PDA and Card from the Windows PC
  • Install files and applications directly to an assigned destination on your PDA
  • Store any file to your expansion card for easy transport (music, photos, etc.)
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