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PatientKeeper and Bachmann Software join forces to provide physicians with a low cost wireless handheld printing solution

Using infrared technology, PatientKeeper’s clinical users will be able to print formatted documents to virtually any printer directly from their handhelds.

Boston, MA, - July 16, 2001 PatientKeeper, Inc., and Bachmann Software today announced their collaboration to provide a wireless print solution for PatientKeeper applications. Bachmann Software will adapt its market leading PrintBoy infrared printing software to work specifically with the release of PatientKeeper Personal 3.0 this fall.

"PatientKeeper’s 45,000 mobile clinical users have made it clear that the ability to print information gathered in PatientKeeper Personal is essential to their ability to perform their tasks as clinicians," says PatientKeeper CEO Gary Foster. "After an extensive search, PatientKeeper selected Bachmann’s innovative handheld printing solutions to integrate into our product offerings. By using Bachmann’s software and the infrared technology available in most handhelds, not only are we able to satisfy our users’ printing needs, but we can do so wirelessly, even if their printer does not have an infrared port."

Just as physician-users of PatientKeeper Personal™ can send patient information to any other physician using a handheld device with an infrared port, so too will they be able to print patient information captured on their PatientKeeper devices. This will be accomplished by incorporating Bachmann's IR printing technology into the PatientKeeper Platform. This software will operate similarly to Bachmann Software’s PrintBoy™ solution, which is a suite of products that allows customers to print Documents, Spreadsheets, Databases, Appointments, Addresses, To Do’s, Memos, E-mail's and Clipboard data right from their Palm device to virtually any printer. For those printers that are not infrared capable, Bachmann Software also provides the InfraReady Adapter; a portable, battery-powered adapter that converts most printers to accept IR beaming. The companies have also agreed to make Bachmann’s printing capabilities available to PatientKeeper developers by incorporating Bachmann’s PrintBoy APIs in PatientKeeper Software Development Kits (SDKs). This portion of the agreement is intended to ensure PatientKeeper users of the ability to print from future functionality as well.

“With the importance of documentation in healthcare, we are very pleased to work with PatientKeeper to add another method of sharing this important data. PatientKeeper is making the exchange of patient data easier, and our ability to support their application with printing even further advances its utility,” stated Dan Reuvers, vice president of Bachmann Software.

About PatientKeeper™, Inc.
PatientKeeper, Inc. provides clinicians the handheld technology to easily and immediately communicate with their organization’s information systems and perform critical patient care functions with the assurance of complete security in the storage and transmission of patient data. PatientKeeper is committed to an open architecture and universal platform for mobile healthcare computing, enabling any internal or third-party application to be seamlessly integrated on one handheld device. PatientKeeper offers a range of mobile computing solutions for both the enterprise and individual clinicians, including PatientKeeper Personal, ChargeKeeper™, for capturing billing; and LabKeeper™, for reviewing lab results. To learn more about PatientKeeper, please visit our Web site at www.patientkeeper.com.

About Bachmann Software & Services
Bachmann Software & Services is a leading provider of software products and development services for handheld computing and wireless applications. Based in Sparta, N.J., the company primarily develops applications for the Palm OS platform. Its premier products include PrintBoy™ Developer Kit, which “snaps” into Palm Powered™ devices and provides a standard text and graphics printing engine that can be used by virtually any application, and PrintBoy™, a suite of applets that allows users to print highly readable output of most information stored on the Palm OS. For more information, visit http://www.bachmannsoftware.com.

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