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PrintBoy Documents and Quickword Combine to Create Complete Document Management Solution for the Palm OS

SPARTA, New Jersey - January 8, 2001 - Bachmann Software & Services and Cutting Edge Software, Inc. announced today a bundled offering that gives Palm™ handheld computer users a comprehensive document management solution. The combined products include Cutting Edge Software's Quickword™ application with Bachmann Software's PrintBoy Documents. In addition to inviting customers to purchase these compatible products in a single transaction, Palmgear.com, the company's on-line distributor, will offer the products at a 15 percent discount.

Quickword 5.0 is a text document editor and reader application that allows users to work with text and Microsoft Word documents on their Palm organizers. Quickword enables mobile professionals to create, read and edit documents on their handheld devices. While Quickword has become among the most popular document readers/editors for the Palm OS™, until now users have not had a convenient way to print their documents directly from their Palm-powered devices. The introduction of PrintBoy Documents adds a new dynamic to the practicality of managing documents on a handheld device.

"While Quickword has allowed mobile professionals to carry their documents around in their Palm devices, they haven't always been able to produce hard copies when needed," said Glenn Bachmann, president of Bachmann Software & Services. "By enabling Quickword users to print wirelessly from their Palm, they can produce contracts, sales quotes, product information, or anything else they may need, precisely when they need it."

"Quickword has empowered so many people to extend their productivity beyond their office," said Jeff Musa, Cutting Edge Software's president and CEO. "PrintBoy's capacity to add printing to the many features of Quickword brings a whole new level of value to our customers."

Quickword sells for $19.95 and PrintBoy Documents sells for $19.99. However, the two products will be available together on Palmgear HQ for $33.99 as a bundle.

About Quickword

Quickword 5.0, a text document editor and reader application, allows users to work with text documents on their Palm organizers. Quickword has its own easy-to-use document converter that works seamlessly with desktop PCs to enable users to create, read and edit documents on their handheld device. This feature sets the application apart from most text editors, which require a third-party converter for synchronizing Word files with a Palm device. Other features of Quickword include Find and Replace, Auto-Scrolling, and Cut and Paste. Additionally, Quickword offers full compatibility and unmatched performance with the Stowaway keyboard offered for Handspring and Palm devices, as well as the GoType! keyboard from LandWare.

About PrintBoy Documents

PrintBoy Documents is the first stand-alone commercial software product to allow users to print documents directly from their handheld computers. Working with any document converted to the standard "doc" format, PrintBoy Documents effectively supports printing of text, html, Word, RTF and PDF files.

About Cutting Edge Software Inc.

Cutting Edge Software Inc. develops, markets and supports business productivity software solutions for the mobile professional and enterprises, including spreadsheet, charting and document editing software. The company also offers technologies to enable these applications to be used for diverse, customized handheld and wireless solutions. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.cesinc.com.

About Bachmann Software & Services

Bachmann Software & Services is a leading provider of software products and development services for handheld computing and wireless applications. Based in Sparta, N.J., the company primarily develops applications for the Palm OS platform. Its premier products include Print Manager, which "snaps" into the Palm handheld and provides a standard text and graphics printing engine that can be used by virtually any application, and PrintBoy, a suite of applets that allows users to print highly readable output of most information stored on the Palm handheld. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.bachmannsoftware.com.

About PalmGear.com

PalmGear.com. is the leading source for Palm-related software, hardware and accessories. Based in Arlington, Texas, the company has developed the most expansive library of Palm-related software in the industry.


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