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Is Your Software Team Stuck In The Slow Lane? 

It's time to start moving in the right direction.

Let me help you build a world-class software organization, consistently release quality software on time, and deliver the amazing product features your customers are waiting for.
So many software companies struggle with obstacles that get in the way of success. 

Can you relate to any of these problems?


Do I have the right team in place

How do I know if my engineers have the skills needed?  What's the best way to hire great developers on a budget? Does outsourcing make sense for my business?  Do I have the right technology leadership?


Every day there is another crisis.  My customers don't seem happy.  Features don't come out the way I expect.  Bug fixes often cause other problems.  What are our key milestones? Our competitors are always moving faster than us.

is our technology any good?

Why do we have so many bugs?  Are we on the right cloud hosting platform?  Should I worry about security vulnerabilities?  Our user interface seems so outdated compared to other products.  Why is performance so slow?

I'm Glenn Bachmann

A 30+ year veteran of the software product industry, I thrive at the intersection of technology, product, customer and business disciplines.


My passion for creating software that can change the way we work and live, dates back to the inception of what we now know as mobile computing in the 1990's, when I launched Bachmann Software as one of the first companies to focus on the emergence of early mobile platforms from Palm Pilot, to Blackberry, and eventually the modern iPhone. My company quickly known as the team behind successful mobile apps from HP, The Weather Channel, Kodak, and many other companies spanning healthcare, field force automation and consumer markets.


Since 2010, I've refocused my energies towards applying my years of software leadership experience, helping software organizations build great teams, optimize how they plan and roadmap, and implementing industry best practices and processes.  I serve variously as Coach, Advisor, Chief Technology Officer, and Product Manager, offering my clients guidance, management and leadership.


Since 2018 my role as a volunteer Mentor to dozens of company founders here at the Harbor Entrepreneur Center in Charleson, SC means I get to work closely with founders and their teams, teaching Lean Startup concepts, and how to build a product roadmap by focusing on customer and business value..


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I'll help you discover problems in your software team, process and technology,
and provide strategies on how to fix them.

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