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Professional Software Team
Coaching and Leadership Services


Initial Assessment

Start with a FREE 1:1 assessment.  In just 1 hour together, we will identify concerns, problems and gaps that are impacting your team's ability to deliver quality software products.  I'll produce a summary of my observations, and key recommendations as next steps.


Over the span of 2 to 4 weeks, I'll conduct interviews with you and your team, to gain a detailed understanding of how you work today.  My in-depth approach covers your Team, your Software Development process, your Product Planning, and your Technology/Platforms.

At the conclusion, I'll deliver recommendations and a roadmap for implementing improvements that will elevate your team and it's performance.

Friendly Business Team

Fractional CTO/Product Manager

For clients who would benefit from an ongoing presence, I offer services in the role of CTO or Product Manager, on a "fractional" basis.  Depending on the scope, need and budget, this can consist of as little as 5 hours per week.

You'll benefit from having experienced technology and software product leadership on your team, but on an affordable, part-time basis.

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